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Halo Acrylic

The original, classic Halo collection. A range of contemporary acrylic finials and poles featuring chrome, copper or warm burnished brass accents designed to highlight the modern lines. Select either solid or hollow acrylic poles to expand your creativity. This collection is a simple, yet a stunning solution to any interior.

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Halo Gloss

Clean, sleek and bold, Halo Gloss offers a palette of 12 richly painted shades with a high gloss finish. The addition of 3 possible polished metal accent colors allows for 36 unique color combinations for window hardware that can pack a punch in any room setting.

With color options that stretch from Lipstick to Azure and neutrals that range from warm to cool, Halo Gloss offers a versatile selection of hues that can be combined with acrylic to enhance the bold, contemporary design.

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Halo Washed Wood

Halo Washed Wood offers an organic, natural warmth and texture juxtaposed to the
contemporary lines of today’s design.

Using the same clean lines of the Halo Acrylic finials, the 5 Washed Wood finishes offer a unique effect when tied to the metal accents in brackets and bases. Add an acrylic pole to accentuate the contemporary aesthetic.

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Available in both solid acrylic and hollow acrylic, this collection is a simple yet stunning solution to any interior.


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